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Photoshop has gone too far!

Posted by oneslidephotogaraphy On March - 19 - 2018
Photoshop has gone too far

Photoshop has gone too far

S p o n s o r e d L i n k s

Nowadays, digital imaging becomes more common since the heaps of photo processing software thrived, which adequate to support the photographers manipulating their capture easily.
However, these sophisticated things have been debating through photographers due to the process result was considerably different from the original, which us known that this could lead fall under public deception.

Herewith one of parody from CollegeHumor video that show us about an extremely transformation process.

A hint emerged in the jocosity of the video, that current digital imaging might be excessive in manipulating object. Surely, this is one of personal opinion, to what extent do you agree or disagree?

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