Thanko Mame Cam Cute Micro Camera

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Thanko Mame Cam Cute Micro Camera
Thanko Mame Cam Cute Micro Camera

No, that’s not a toy you’re seeing, it’s a real, working camera, complete with Micro-SD storage up to 32 gigs.The Mame-Cam is a fully functioning ultra tiny camera that can take still images and video. Created by Thanko, a Japanese company, the Mame-Cam utilizes a microSD card to store all of its data. Small enough to sit on your finger tip, the Mame-Cam will shock people when they find out it is a working piece of technology. If you wanted to take a sneaky video, this would be the perfect inconspicuous device to use. With a battery life that lasts about 36 minutes, this piece will give you enough time to gather incriminating evidence.

Maybe some people will have a doubt about the Thanko MAME-CAM ability with size is almost similar with the adult tip finger. However Thanko MAMECAM is a reliable camera, because this camera also can be used to record a video 640 x 480 resolution in AVI format, even though the sound is still in mono quality. This tiny and cute camera has a battery that can last up to 35 minutes when we use it to record video. To move all files in MAME-CAM, Thanko provides USB 1.1 connection. You can get this camera for $ 95.

Thanko Mame Cam Cute Micro Camera
Thanko Mame Cam Cute Micro Camera

Sorry gamers, in spite of the misleading name, the MAME-CAM has no connection to MAME (Multi Arcade Machine Emulator) so don’t start dreaming about tiny pocket-emulators just yet, at least not from this product.

Thanko Mame Cam Cute Micro Camera
Thanko Mame Cam Cute Micro Camera

Thanko Mame Cam DSLR Camera Features
* 2-megapixel image sensor
* Supports microSDHC cards for up to 32GB (not included)
* Capture pictures in 1600×1200 pixels
* Support JPEG image format
* Record video in VGA at 30fps with AVI format
* Records audio in mono quality
* Compatible with Windows 7 / Vista / XP or Mac OS X 10.4 OS
* Battery life of about 36 minutes (when shooting video)
* Dimensions: 2.5×2.5×2.6cm, & weight just 12g

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