What Photographers Should Keep in Mind When Using Facebook

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Photography and Facebook
Photography and Facebook

With the development of the digital age and the internet, it surely have massive effect on the progress of digital photography. Facebook is one of the leading social network website that highly effects the digital photography world. In face, we can easily share photos, tag them, and comment photographs posted by friends with the greatest of ease. However, there are a few things that need to be understood. As a photographer, there are several important things you should pay attention to in facebook, these are:

1. Do not tag photos too much.
Tagging photographs to friend can indeed be a practical way to publish your photos to the masses. Tagging photos can also be used to promote your photography business, asking comments about your photo, or just a means to showcase your work. There’s nothing wrong with it, it’s just that lately there is this phenomenon where a facebooker does massive tagging to a single photograph. This can get annoying because it floods their notifications. Don’t hope for much success if you’re doing this, it could backfire and you may get blacklisted and unfriended for this highly annoying habit.

2. Do not forget to insert a watermark.
Someone once said, “don’t upload a photograph on the internet that you don’t want others to copy.” And yes, that is true. People can easily copy your photos with our without your notice or permission. It’s not much of a problem if they credit where it’s due, or if it’s just as a private collection. The problem arise when a person copies your photo and misuse them (for instance, to create a false identity). So don’t forget to add a bookmark to your uploaded photographs to reserve the copyright to your work.

3. Do not put too much trust on comments of your photos.
Sometimes we get excited or depressed by what others write as comments to your photos on facebook. But you must remember, sometimes comments on facebook can be deceiving and can be written out of politeness. There are a few reasons why a person might comment on your photograph. One, they can give good reviews because they’re trying to get on your good side (they’ll say it’s good even if they think otherwise). Two, they can give you ugly comments because they’re jealous of your work. Or three, they’re just trying to be polite because you tagged them on your photograph. Comments in facebook can be constructive, but don’t let it build you up too high. Always perceive these comments with a few grains of salt.

4. Having many “like”s on your photograph doesn’t prove that you are a professional photographer.
Essentially the same as my 3rd point, the “like”s you get on your photograph doesn’t define you as a professional photographer. There are many factors effecting the amount of “like”s you get you facebook. It may be because your photo is actually good, or it can also be that your friend wouldn’t feel right if they don’t like your photograph. Or maybe, they’re just liking your photo to get a “like” from you in return. Sometimes people put too much meaning into these “like” counts when they really are quite subjective and shouldn’t be counted as a standard.

5. Sometimes what they’re liking is the subject, not your photograph.
Note a photograph featuring a beautiful, sexy woman with a hot dress on. Even though the photograph only utilizes mediocre techniques, this type of pictures usually reap a lot of “likes” and comments. More often than not, these facebook spectators are judging your photo based on the beauty of the woman, and not from your talent or technique as a photographer.

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