Tips For Choosing the right DSLR Camera Bag

Photography Tips - Choosing the right DSLR Camera Bag
Photography Tips - Choosing the right DSLR Camera Bag

A Camera bag is one of the necessities when owning a DSLR camera. And of course the camera bag design significantly differs from ordinary bags. First, a camera bag is usually equipped with several compartments lined with thick foam (the type varies) to protect the contents from tremor and shocks. Models and brands also vary, each with their own advantages. But the main function of a camera bag is of course to carry the camera body, lenses, and a few other necessary accessories when travelling, be it during a walk or during a photo-hunting session.

When travelling long distances, we sometime need a camera bag that’s also able to carry a laptop. But when we’re exploring in open nature or during a photo-hunting session, we would need a more compact camera bag and one that will ease access to the camera when we encounter ever-fleeting moments.
In brief, the following are several tips in choosing the right DSLR camera bag for you:

1. Consider any future needs.
Do not buy bags too small a size because photography accessories usually add up over time with the cultivation of your photographic creativity. Consider the bag capacity that you will need for at least one year to come. Also consider your needs for long-distant out-of-town travels and travels abroad. Sometimes we need a camera bag that is also able to securely carry a laptop.

2. Choose ones equipped with a rain protective cover.
Rain covers or a protective layer against rain is essential to protect the items in the bag (especially camera bodies and lenses) for instances of unexpected downpours or any other potential water damage. This is especially essential when photographing in open nature. Even if the manufacturers claim that their camera bag products are waterproof, it’s better to have this extra protection. These rain protective covers can also be purchased separately at camera equipment stores.

3. For limited budgets, try custom or handmade bags.
Handmade or custom-made bags may be an option if the budget is limited. Plenty innovative individual sellers are able to make camera bags of reasonably good quality at affordable prices. Check the availabilities of these handmade bags at your local camera equipment stores. They usually have local-made camera bags at more affordable prices.

Several types of camera bags include:

1. Backpacks DSLR Bag
The backpack models are most suitable for long-distant travels. This model is available in several sizes. With a considerably large capacity, you can pack all of your camera gears into one bag. This type of bag is usually used for those with DSLR-type cameras because these types of cameras have many detachable components such as lenses, tripods, filter, and others. Backpack camera bags also usually have a laptop compartment.

How to Choose DSLR Bag - Backpack
How to Choose DSLR Bag - Backpack

2. Slingshot bags DSLR Bag
The slingshot model is more compact, suitable for brief photo-session uses. However, given that the slingshot bags are carried by placing the handle around one shoulder, it will tire this shoulder more quickly.

How to Choose DSLR Bag - Slingshot
How to Choose DSLR Bag - Slingshot

3. Shoulder DSLR bags
This model, at a glance, is similar to an ordinary shoulder bag. Like the slingshot model, this type of bag is suitable for brief photographing sessions. Because the bag is also carried by one shoulder, it also more easily tires out the shoulder. It’s advisable that when using this model, don’t carry too many accessories.

How to Choose DSLR Bag - Shoulderbag
How to Choose DSLR Bag - Shoulderbag

4. Waist bags
The waist bags, on the other hand, aren’t carried on a shoulder. Removing and inserting your cameras are also much easier. However, because of its small size, you can only carry a few items. These waist bags are usually used by photographers using small or medium-sized cameras with only one lens.

How to Choose DSLR Bag - Waist Bag
How to Choose DSLR Bag - Waist Bag
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