Should you Upgrade Your Camera First or your Lens?

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Camera or lens first for upgrade
Camera or lens first for upgrade

As a photographer progressing in your craft, there must come a time when you’re faced with a dilemma; which should be a priority, a camera or a lens upgrade? Neither has a specific standard which is more of a priority; what you need to find out is which of the two do you really need at the moment. To help weigh your priorities, here are some important points you need to consider before your upgrade your camera body or your lens.

High-end camera
High-end camera

Upgrading your Camera Body:

In photography, a camera is the the tool that captures and stores media. As time progress, the facilities offered by a camera unit increases in its diversity. You should consider upgrading your camera body if:

– Your old camera has a low resolution and you require high resolutions in your photography. But keep in mind, resolution (megapixels) isn’t everything.

– Your old camera doesn’t have the video recording feature and you need a camera device that can capture photos and videos in one device.

– You feel like your camera isn’t durable enough and you primarily photograph outdoors in harsh environments so a highly durable camera with magnesium alloy frame that’s waterproof and dustproof is what you need.

– You own enough types of lenses to cater to your daily needs.

– You want a better LCD feature that are wider or foldable.

– You need a camera with a fast continuous shoot function.

– You want a faster, more accurate Auto Focus function.

– You need a camera with a dial mode and more shortcut buttons so you’ll be able to quickly toggle through the different settings.

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fisheye-lenses effect
fisheye-lenses effect

Ugrading your Lens:

The upside to buying a new lens is that you’ll create a brand new point of view to your photographs. A few examples are:

– Fisheye Lens: It give you a 180-360 degree perspective in the photo.

– Wide Lens: Gives a more three dimensional feel to the photograph, highlighting the closer objects.

– Telephoto lens: Making distant objects appear closer or bigger. Great for photographing wildlife and closeup photographs.

– Fixed/ Prime Lens: With its wide aperture opening, the prime lens eases capturing photographs in low lighting conditions and making a blurry background or bokeh.

– Micro/Macro Lens: Able to focus very closely to the subject so you’ll be able to capture high details in tiny objects, such as insects.

The thing to remember is, if you’re upgrading your camera body, what you’ll be getting are the newest features and a camera with better performance. And if you’re upgrading your lens, you’ll be getting a brand new perspective in your photography.

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