5 Bad Habits in Photography

5 Bad Habits -  in Photography
5 Bad Habits - in Photography

For as long as I’ve become a photographer, there’s a list of bad habits that’s as long. These bad habits of photographers could be easily avoided if you’re willing to start as early as possible to avoid further losses.

These bad habits in Photography usually include:

1. Not checking the completeness of the equipment.
True, usually photography equipment are stored in a singular bag. But it never hurts to recheck the contents for a shoot the next day. The item most often left behind is the memory card. Usually, the photographer transfers photos from the memory card to a computer and forgets to return it. This also happens when recharging camera batteries. So, it’s best to always double check before embarking on a photo shoot.

2. Not double-checking the camera settings.
Not double-checking the camera settings before a photo session can be fatal. Imagine, during a photo shoot, you forgot to double-check your camera settings, and it turns out that the camera was set at the lowest image quality setting, very high ISO, and unsuitable WB settings. Unbeknownst to you, these settings are used all throughout the photo shoot and you only notice it when photos are transferred to a computer. This will certainly be detrimental to the results.

3. Overly dependent on Photoshop.
I’m not anti Photosop. The existence of this incredible software has helped me throughout my career. But we must restrain ourselves and not let the advancement of software technology hinder us from always wanting to achieve a good photograph. The term “it can always be photoshopped later,” can be a dangerous mantra. This creates a lazy mindset and lessens our on-site photographing quality. A thorough photo shoot will certainly save time and effort when in the editing session. And let’s face it; you’ll be proud of yourself for creating a beautiful photograph and not just a beautifully edited photograph.

4. Easily mesmerized by new camera models.
It’s reasonable to want a newly released camera models. But as we know, digital technology is advancing so rapidly that there’s always a newer model that soon replaces an older one. If your want of an update is always granted, you can imagine the strain this will put your budget through. It’s wiser to spend your budget on expanding your camera equipment than always wanting to update the camera body. For example, it is definitely a wiser choice to spend your money expanding your camera lens collection. Lenses have a relatively more stable resale price than the body anyhow, so it’s a better investment.

5. Blaming equipment, photo objects and conditions.
When we photograph a certain subject and the results aren’t as expected, it is usually easier to blame the equipment, object, or conditions. This may be in the form of a resounding “the model was stiff throughout the whole shoot,” or “my lens wasn’t wide enough to get the perfect angle,” or “the sky was too dark so there wasn’t enough adequate lighting.” Remember friends that in the end, it all depends on you as the photographer. There’s no other more pivotal entity than the person behind the camera.

So the next time you plan on going out to photograph, remember to avoid these bad habits. This will ensure a smoother photo session and a higher level of success.

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