Creating Unusual Digital Photographs

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Creating Unusual Digital Photographs
Creating Unusual Digital Photographs

Creating unusual digital photographs will involve a lot of things, and you can do this with on-camera accessories like lenses, cases and tripods. You also can use on-camera settings. Or, you can use post-processing techniques through Photoshop, to make your pictures look unusual.With a digital camera and editing software, you can edit and manipulate your own photographs to create works of art. You don’t need any prior photography experience. Read this eHow to learn more.

Use unusual lenses

Digital SLR cameras can be fitted with a wide variety of lenses. Among these are lenses that can distort the camera’s field of vision, or one that could enhance focus on a certain point or feature of the subject.

Creating Unusual Digital Photographs
Taken with fisheye lens

* Fisheye lens
A fisheye lens is a type of wide-angle lens that will make the photograph look as if the viewer is looking out from within a fish bowl. The image will be distorted in that the center of the image is very large, but the surrounding areas are very small. This can make interesting images, especially when taking outdoor pictures.

* Macro lens
Macro lenses let the photographer focus very closely on the subject without losing focus. These enable a photographer, for example, to take very close pictures of wildlife and foliage. You can take close-ups of insects, up to the very minute details, like their eyes and even hair. These might look unusual, but can give you very captivating imagery.

*Lomography lens
Lomography is basically low-tech analog photography that originated with the use of Lomo cameras. These produced relatively lower-quality images, but what’s interesting about Lomography is that the images are captivating on their own, as they look surreal. You can buy a Lomo lens and have it fitted onto your DSLR using an adapter kit, for those surreal-looking photos.
Use on-camera settings

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Creating Unusual Digital Photographs

One useful feature that digital cameras have is the ability to simulate a filter. You can set your camera to take black and white photos, sepia photos, or even tinted photos.

* Sepia and black & white
You can simulate old-style photography by taking your pictures with a sepia or black & white filter. With these, you will have no color reproduction, but your image will surely look like a classic taken from the olden days.

Creating Unusual Digital Photographs
Black and white

* Adjust white balance
You can manually adjust white balance to give your image a tint of blue, green, red, yellow or whatever color you wish. These will surely look weird when uploaded to your computer or printed out.

Use post-processing

You can use Photoshop or any other popular photo editing software to make your digital images look weird. These have different filters that change any picture drastically. You can, for example, use filters to make your picture look like an oil painting. You can use filters that will make your picture look like a charcoal drawing. The possibilities are endless.

*Replace the background in your digital picture. If the subject in the picture’s foreground is clear and well-defined, you can crop around the subject of the picture, clean the outline pixel by pixel and then replace the background behind the subject with another.

*Make your photo look older. Choose a digital photo that has a landscape, a historical building or something that can’t be easily dated. Give the photo a brownish tint by turning up the level of red and browns in your digital photo. Reduce the brightness of the digital photo, select “Add Noise” if you have the option, or digitally add the software option of “Dust and Scratch”.

*Add images to the digital photograph to change it. Create the perfect reflection in a lake by carefully copying the image above the water line, and turn it upside down to make it appear that the image beneath is the reflection of the above image. You may adjust the settings so that the lower image is subtly darker.

Digital cameras have surely made it possible for creative individuals to express their vision and points of view differently. You can try it out on your own, with the equipment and software that you have.

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