Tips To Be A Confident Photographer

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Confident Photographer
Confident Photographer

For some of us, the difficult part of photography is not about learning the techniques of shooting but more about finding confidence with your shooting ability. The lack of confidence is a common dilemma in the world of photography.

So, how to deal with it? There are ten tips on how to help you get out from your comfort zone and believe in yourself that you are a good photographer.

1. Positive feedbacks
Positive feedbacks and suggestions on your works given by your fellow photographers, in the same club or group, can help giving you great influence to your perspective about yourself as a photographer then you can improve the quality of your confidence.

Of course, we should not always count on others to give us positive feedbacks. Even when you get negative comments and criticisms, you have to remember that those things can motivate you and do not need to be taken as bad things. Take them positively and learn from them instead.

2. Read tutorials
It is quite easy to feel satisfied with ourselves. We may think we are good and smart enough and know well how to shoot yet you need to beware because this thought can ruin you. Learning is a process that takes place continuously and there is always new thing to learn about photography. Read tutorials and practice what you’ve learnt from there.

3. Test your ability
If you have read some tutorials and manual books on camera you use, it does not mean you can memorize all of them. You need to apply what you have learnt and try it. Convince yourself of your own ability that you already master, it will be sure increasing your confidence.

4. Compare your old photos with the new ones
The only photographer whose works become your benchmark should be yours. When we shoot, techniques and style we used tend to change after some points of time. Once in awhile, you can compare your old photos with the new ones that you created and see how much you improve.

5. Take images of your friends
It can be difficult for you to ask people you do not know well to be the object of your photo. So, the easier option is to invite some of your friends who will be willing to be your model. It can be very helpful to improve your techniques and learn to handle any possibility that may happen in every shoot so you can be more confidence when you are asked to shoot someone else.

6. Set a target
If you really want to improve your ability and your confidence in shooting as a photographer, take your time to figure out your weaknesses in this field and then create your own challenge and target for yourself so you are able to overcome it and make it your own strengths.

7. Learn from professionals
Professional photographers are not born with the talent just like that and suddenly attain the “professional” tag on them. They go through a phase where they need to build their confidence to be in this stage today. Fortunately, there are so many of them who would love to share their experience with you through websites, workshops, blogs and many more. Their advices, messages and suggestions will be very helpful.

8. Show off your works
There is nothing more delighting than seeing your works exhibited in public room. It can give you positive feeling that help you improve your confidence. Ask your friends whether they need photos to hang if they have some kinds of business like restaurant, boutiques, and the like.

9. Try the 365 or 52 project
Photography project of 365 days and 52 weeks are two popular most popular projects among all. It challenges you to shoot everyday for 365 days continuously. Or once in every week for a year full that can really help you improve your photography ability, your confidence, and help you collect materials for your portfolio faster.

10. Join a photography community
Another way to get your confidence as a photographer is to meet fellow friends who share the same thought and hobby with you. You will know that they are just as inexperienced as you and they face similar problem as you.

Apart from learning from others’ experiences, you can share your own knowledge and suggestions with others instead. By doing so, you may know that actually you understand photography more than you think you do.

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