Everyone Can Be a Good Photographer!

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Everyone Can Be Good Photographer! - Photographer and Rays of Light
Everyone Can Be Good Photographer! - Photographer and Rays of Light

Nowdays, photography as a hobby has become even more popular than ever. Significant portion of the result might be due to rapid blooming of technology in digital camera. Competition between manufacturer has made photography more affordable & making good photos are easier than sending a text message or posting a blog post.Everyone wishes to capture best photos, but only few fortunate ones succeed in their attempts. Oh wait, do you think good photographers are fortunate ones? Do they have extra skills that you don’t have? I hope not. In my opinion, everyone can become a better photographer if they have a desire to excel and some patience to practise basic skills.

What makes a good photo?
It is easy to spot a good photo; you will be delighted to see it. A good photo simplifies the world for the viewer. A good photo would eliminate all the distractions and present an object or a scene in a way you have never seen it before. A good photo is easier to make than you think, if you understand the principles of photography. Good photos are the ones that capture unique composition, a beautiful pattern, or contrasting views, funny, sad or terrible emotions and impossible views.

Who is a good photographer?
The different between a great photographer and an ordinary photographer is this – just the way how they see things. A great photographer sees what others would miss; a great photographer would wait hours together to get the right amount of light to capture; a great photographer will be passionate to shoot photos that stand out.

You have to see it. You have to record it.
Good photographer has to be sensitive first because you need to be able to relate to your subjects to tell their story. It’s not your sto­ry but theirs, so we need to under­stand their lives before we even begin to photograph.

Camera is just a tool!
The cam­era is just a piece of equip­ment. What’s more im­portant is the idea of the pho­tographer.

Let’s start with photography
Photography – the word literally means ‘Drawing with Light’. Simply, photographers try to capture the way light interacts with objects and landscapes.
Photography is an art as well as science. If you understand the art side of it, you would know how to spot a great photograph even before you pick up the camera. If you understand the science part of it, you will know how to record the scene that you saw without any changes. A photographer should develop both the science and art skills to shoot best photos. That’s all good photography is about.

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