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Posted by oneslidephotogaraphy On March - 27 - 2021
Lady Diana last picture taken

Lady Diana last picture taken

1. Lady Diana

S p o n s o r e d L i n k s

The above photo was the last photo ever before the crash happened. Many press/paparazi raced to print it as the last photo of the princess. As seen, only her golden hair is visible in this photograph.
The photo was taken on the car ride from Hotel Ritz in Paris at around 12:20 AM on August 31, 1997. Henri Paul, the hotel chauffeur is on the right and Dodi Fayed’s bodyguard named Trevor Reese-Jones is seen seated on the passenger seat. On the back seat is princess Diana (looking back towards the papparazzi that’s following them) with Dodi Fayed seated next to her. A few seconds after this photo was taken, the Mercedes drove into the Place de L’Alma tunnel. Estimated to be going 105 km/h (65 mph), the driver lost control of the car and steered right before smashing into a column of the tunnel. Dodi Fayed and Henri Paul both died instantly. Trevor Reese-Jones survived with severe injuries on his face. Diana was critical, but then died the next morning in the hospital.

Elvis Presley Last Picture Taken

Elvis Presley Last Picture Taken

2. Elvis Prasley

This last photograph of the legend was taken on Agustus 16, 1977 at 12:28 AM. The photo was taken when he was in an outing and on his way back to his Grace Land home. That evening he was then found by Ginger Alden (his maid) lying lifeless on his bathroom floor. Elvis Presley was then pronounced dead at 3:30 PM at the Baptist Memorial Hospital.
It’s been speculated that his death was caused by an allergy reaction to medication he was taking for his tooth. His dentist prescribed him this medication at August 15, 1977.

Hitler Last Picture Taken

Hitler Last Picture Taken

3. Adolf Hitler

This photograph of Hitler was taken two days before his death. Hitler is seen here outside a bunker located amongst rubbles from 6 years of war. In the brink of defeat, Hitler decided to end his own life. But before he did it, he married Eva Braun Penned. The next day, on Apri 30, 1945, Hitler and Braun went into a room to end their lives. Their bodies were found with Hitler’s body on a bed and Eva sitting on the other end. Hitler committed suicide by ingesting a cyanide pill and proceeded to shoot himself in the head; while Eva only used the cyanide pill.
Before his suicide, Hitler had consulted with his personal doctor, asking of a sure way to commit suicide. The doctor recommended the combination of cyanide pill and a shot to the head.

Anne Frank

Anne Frank

4.Anne Frank

This is the last photograph taken of Anne Frank and her sister, taken at the beginning or middle of 1942. That same July, Margot and her sister was amongst the first people to receive notice that they were to be sent to Nazi Germany to request report for relocation to a work camp. Anne then were told by his father that the family was going to go into hiding. The Frank family was then found and captured on the morning of August 4 ,1944. After captured, they were considered as criminals and were sent to the barracks for severe punishments for workers. On March 1945, a typhoid epidemic spread throughout the camp and killed 17,000 detainees. Eye witness saw Margot died from the epidemic and Anne Frank died a few days after.
On April 1945, after a few weeks after Anne Frank died, the camp was liberated by the English army.

last photo Abraham Lincoln

last photo Abraham Lincoln

5. Abraham Lincoln

The above portrait was taken by Henry J. Warren during a photo session around the time of inauguration. About a month after the photo was taken, on April 14, 1865, Lincoln went to a show at the Ford Theater. It was then that John Wilkes Booth, an actor and secret agent, stood behind the president at his booth and assassinated him with a 44 caliber pistol.
That photo is the last photo to have been taken of the president before his untimely death. There are many other images circulating, but they are either paintings or photos before his inauguration.

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