Photography Beginners’ Frequently Asked Questions

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Amateur Photographer FAQ
Amateur Photographer FAQ

As a photographer, especially as a beginner, you’ve most likely encountered the following questions. Or maybe even you yourself still ask these questions, and they still go unanswered.

1. What’s the best camera brand?
2. Which camera best suits for amateur?
3. How long does it take to master photography when you’re starting from zero?


1. There is no such thing as the absolute “best” camera brand. If that were true, then there would only be one brand dominating the photography market. In truth, when buying a camera, you’re not looking for which is best but rather which one suits your needs and your capabilities when you make your purchase. Choose a camera brand that most of the people around you use, so it’ll be easier to find the accessories.

2. Today, learning photography doesn’t have anything to do with how expensive the camera is. A camera’s price only makes a difference in quality of results when your goal is to make extra large prints. To best learn the art of photography, what you need is a digital camera with both a Manual Setting and an Automatic Setting. However, the focus in photography has shifted. Technical capabilities has now lost its spotlight to the ease of having an automatic system in cameras. Now people can even take decent photographs with their mobile phones. What’s more important now is being able to take a photograph with good composition, angles, and meaning.

3. Photography is like cooking. What’s your definition of cooking? A person may be a famous chef in an international hotel with a high salary for the world class European dishes he/she creates. But that same chef can’t necessarily cook a good traditional Asian dish. Such is photography. One photographer may be a master in studio photography, but he/she may lack knowledge and skill when it comes to landscape photography, journalistic photography, and other types that he/she’s not familiar with. So when you want to be good in photography, you have to choose which field of photography you’d like to specialize in. Then, pour your heart, soul, and sweat into mastering that specific craft. So, which field do you want to master in? Landscape, Portrait, Photojournalistic, or Macro? Or think up your own specific specialty and make yourself pop for your uniqueness like what Natsumi Hayashi with her levitation photography? The key is to keep at it, and don’t give up.

“The quality of a photograph isn’t measured by the camera used to take the shot, but by our abilities in capturing the moment.”

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