The Superior DSLR Brand: Is There Such a Thing?

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The Superior DSLR
The Superior DSLR

Canon vs. Nikon? Olympus or Sony? What about Pentax? I’m not going to boast about one particular brand and compare it to others in this article. I just want to note a few points concerning this:

– There are many out there willing to get passionately emotional (like, veins popping out of neck type of emotional) to defend the honor of the brand they’ve sworn allegiance to. I say that’s ridiculous. Unless these folks are paid for their energy spent exuding these emotions.

– The cameras and its accessories are gadgets. Manufacturers will always compete in refining their technology in order to satisfy you as customers. Observe and just take advantage of this rat race of theirs’.

– No brand appears with every aspect of perfection.

– Input my 3rd point well into yourself so you won’t ever think that the brand you’re holding is superior to other brands.

– Don’t entrust the review of a particular gadget to just one source. Compare a few sources. It’d also be better if you take the time to look for the actual gadget then borrow, try, and review to form your own opinions on it.

– Though it may be important to converse about gadgets, it’s more important to adjust the chosen output gear to your taste and needs. And the only that really knows what you needs is you.

– Do not cast a blind eye to any superior features other brand might have that yours don’t. Accept, learn, and find a way to gain those superiorities. Each camera has its own benefits and drawbacks.

– It’s not a sin to sell your gears and upgrading them, or even to replace it with a different brand.

– Lastly and most importantly, when the gears you own makes you lose your passion or mood to photograph, do not hesitate to throw it up to sell on the web or any other resellers. New gear often times spring up new excitements.


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