Beginner’s Guide to Directing Photo Models

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Beginner’s Guide to Directing Photo Models
Beginner’s Guide to Directing Photo Models

As a photographer, it is sometimes tricky to direct rookie models the way we want to behave and how they should convey their expressions in a certain photo shoot session. Whereas on the contrary, professional models need little directions from the photographer, a description of the theme is all they need to be able to model accordingly.
But based on experience, there are some guidelines we can follow to make any photo shoot a success, especially in regards to successfully directing a model. The guidelines to follow are as follow:

1. Smile and Be Friendly
This is the main capital when meeting someone. By smiling and being sincerely friendly, the models will feel appreciated and this will ease your way into the next steps. Don’t expect too much from a model if we approach them in a rude manner first hand. A smile will set a friendly atmosphere, especially when meeting those we just met.

2. Relax and Don’t be Uptight
Try and create an atmosphere as comfortable as possible and don’t be uptight. A bit of light humor may break the ice. This will make the model feel comfortable, and they’ll be more relaxed in expressing themselves. A bit of music also helps.

3. Good Communication
Shake the model’s hand when you first meet them and introduce yourself in a kindly manner. Engage in a bit of small talk with the model, such as: where they live, their daily activities, and hobbies. Remember, however, not to get too personal with your questions. This will be useful to further set a comfortable and friendly tone to the shoot.

4. Appear confident and convincing
With regards to being the photographer, a confident and affirmative attitude are necessities to conducting a successful shoot. Do not let yourself seem confused and unsure in front of the model. Direct and point the model in a clear and friendly tone. Direct poses that suits the model’s body type and shape. Do not force a certain pose if said pose is not within the model’s comfort zone.

5. A little bit of praise goes a long way
Give sincere praise to the model when successfully translate your directions. But don’t go overboard, and don’t randomly praise him/her just to be polite. Also, don’t ever say the word “ugly,” even if it is so. It’s better to keep any negative criticism to yourself, and give polite feedback when the model hasn’t successfully executed the poses you wanted.

6. Freestyle expressions
Offer the model to pose and convey expressions derived from his/her own imaginations. Usually, the model’s own conjured up expressions are far more expressive, appear more comfortable, and more spontaneous.

Also, remember to always just have fun with it!

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