Tips to Shoot During Soccer Match

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Soccer Match Photo Tips
Soccer Match Photo Tips

Shooting a soccer match is almost similar to shooting any other sport branches. There are many times photographers have no clue about what they have taken since things happen so fast to be seen by their normal eyes. Going by this reality, there is an urge of need to have the ability to frame “forecasted scenes that will happen”. In other words, sometimes a photographer must aim the lens at a certain direction with a prediction that there is something going to happen which is photographically interesting.

There will be so many predictions. One of them is when a corner kick takes place. In a soccer match, there must always be corner kick, right? If you love to watch soccer match, you must know well the order of happenings in a corner kick performance. The ball is kicked from a corner of the field, then bounces and will fall around the front of the goalpost. The next event is when the keeper tries hard to catch or skim the ball. There will be a player who also tries to drive away the ball or the opposing player who attempts a goal.

From the order of events, a photographer will know how to get good images on such complicated scene in front of the goalpost and aims the lens in one point where the ball falls after being kicked from a corner. Using focus and focal length lens which has to be precise, a photographer can press the shutter and gets mostly interesting scenes when the ball falls.

It should be emphasized again that when you press the shutter, you do not really know what you have taken and the results of it. Shooting such chaotic scene in front of the goalpost is indeed taking images of something you forecast and you expect to happen. In other words, the key is luck which will decide the results. The only easy thing is when the movement of the ball can be relatively followed by our eyes so the position of its falling can be predicted.

Apart from training yourself with predicting the scenes that will happen during the match, there are 15 tips on shooting a soccer match here:

1. Use tracking focus or continuous focus.

2. Use at least 200mm Tele lens.

3. It will be better if the lens has image stabilizer feature.

4. Use high shutter speed because the movement of every player during the match will be so fast and if it is not balanced with high shutter speed, the result of the photo will be blurred. If the lighting is inadequate, do not hesitate to use high ISO.

5. Do not use flash. The use of it while shooting a soccer match in a very vast field will be just a waste because the scope of your flash is very limited and will not be able to reach an object which is too far.

6. Always get ready in your position, your eyes on the viewfinder and your finger on the shutter button. Anytime interesting moments appear, you have to be ready to shoot right away.

7. Do not do chimping. Chimping is about checking images on the LCD screen after you shoot to see the results. This habit is battery consuming and it will make you miss some important moments during the match.

8. Use tripod or monopod, because Tele lens can be very heavy.

9. Bring a small seat with you, because you will shoot for the longest time.

10. Use mode burst shoot.

11. Prepare back up memory because shooting a soccer match using burst shoot will take more space on your camera’s memory.

12. Always prepare another back up battery.

13. Come to the location earlier to get the most comfortable spot with the best angle to shoot.

14. Always prepare for a raincoat in case it is raining when the match is progressing.

15. Try to coordinate yourself with the committees of the match. Ask and comply all the regulations.

16. When you finish your shoot, make sure you pack all of your tools and equipments well and do not leave anything behind.

Have a nice shoot!

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