6 Easy Tips For Candid Photography

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Candid Photography Tricks
Candid Photography Tricks

For some people, candid photography is a fun activity. The photos resulted usually look more natural and there is a certain amount of satisfaction when you can capture the right momentum or people’s exact and interesting expressions.

Maybe you have often tried doing this candid photography, either using you cell phone camera of “serious” camera. Well, for you who are still unfamiliar with it, we provide some useful guidance and tips on obtaining interesting candid photos.

1. Turn Off The Flash
Flash can be a signal or a sign that people are being photographed. This direct flash light on them can kill and vanish the right and real moment at that point of time. Try not to use the flash when you do candid photography. Adjust the ISO setting higher when you are in low-light condition, use “fast” lens and then open the aperture as wide as possible.

2. Use Zoom Feature
The more the distance between you and the subject, the lower the possibility they will notice of being photographed so they will remain relaxed and appear more natural. Applying long zoom allows you to take photos outside their personal space, yet you can still capture their closeness when they interact with each other. However, it is important to be kept in mind that the longer the focal length of the lens, the higher the possibility of taking shaking and blury photos. To deal with it, you can use a monopod or adjust the ISO proportion in your camera instead.

Candid Photo Tips
Candid Photo Tips

3. Apply Burst Shot Mode
Apply the burst shot mode which is usually called the continuous shot. In this mode, your camera can capture images time and time again as long as the shutter button is pressed. By using this mode, the possibility of losing interesting moments is low.

4. Apply Continuous Focus
Use continuous focus on your camera. It is called AF0-C on Nikon camera and AI-Servo in Canon camera. With this mode in use, the focus of your camera will follow object’s movements and will minimize the occurrence of unfocused experience while shooting.

5. Consider Strategic Position
Candid photography is about capturing the moments spontaneously and getting perfect photos in the right and exact time. As a photographer, you need to think one step ahead and have the ability to guess what will happen next. It can increase the possibility of getting more chances to capture perfect candid photos. For example, when you shoot at a wedding, think about what happens there during the wedding ceremony and where the best spot to capture those moments is. What will be done by someone? What will they do there? How is the lighting? Considering these questions will help you exploring the venue effectively.

6. Camera in Standby Mode
The key to success in candid photography is you and the camera has to be always ready whenever the right moment is coming your way. In order not to miss such important moments, you need to make some preparations before, so that you do not have to be bothered by camera setting and stuff which should be already applied when the moments finally come. At such condition, you can make use of auto mode so that the camera setting can adjust the shooting conditions quickly.

7. Silent Mode
Turn off all sounds that are possibly coming out from your camera like the “bib bib” sounds during focusing mode or the sound of shuttering camera if you use a compact camera or Smartphone camera.

Candid Photography
Candid Photography

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