Photography: Passion or Just a Mere Instant Euphoria?

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Passion in Photography
Passion in Photography

Have you ever imagined how photography was done long back then? How the pioneers of the field found their passion on film papers and images coming to the real in dark rooms? The era where there were no digital camera, Facebook, Instagram, flickr, twitter, and all those social media to share images, When a photography competition was not held yet to give standard for a photo quality, when Photoshop was not found when photography was in its purest starting line.

Taking an image is a skill which is easiest to be learnt. Just hold your camera and select mode auto and then click! And an image is out. However the art of photography is never as simple as that. It is not only about holding a camera here and there like a professional. Imagination, reality, love and passion are in one whole composition. That is the art of “painting with lights”.

Finding how many people are getting interested with taking images is exhilarating for people who are passionate about photography. There are more friends to discuss things and share some knowledge. However, this trend creates a blur boundary between euphoria and passion. Just try to ask yourself these questions: why do I take pictures? Why do I learn photography? Does it happen because of my friends do? Or is it because I want to have my photos posted in social media? Do you take images to get people’s appreciation or do you feel satisfied only by knowing yourself that you know how to take pictures well, saving moments yourself in images of things surrounding you without any intention to show them to others?

Off course it is great fun to see so many likes, favorites and nice comments on your account. Indeed, it is thrilling to get the first, second and even the third award and medal from a photography contest. But, apart from all those things, do you really have your heart on the camera that you hold?

Euphoria in photography is like when you see someone that interests you or like when you see a well-cooked and warm pizza out of its bake. Firstly it appears so tempting, alluring, exhilarating and hot and then it is getting soggy, cold, tasteless and boring. Then your camera is just like furniture. It is dusty, moldy, and useless. But passion is passion without an end. It is found to be noticed that beauty and enjoyment is increasing every single day, even without an audience. Even without acknowledgement from people’s likes, favorites and trophy.


Photography Euphoria
Photography Euphoria

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