Bored or Tired of Photographing and How to Overcome It

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Bored Tired  of Photographing and How to Overcome It
Bored Tired of Photographing and How to Overcome It

Unless you make a living as a photographer, photography, like other hobbies, may get boring at times. Not to mention if your free time is limited or you’re starting to feel the jaded point where inspiration is null and creativity hits a dead end.
But it would be quite a waste if the camera and lenses you’ve invested a big chunk of your cash in just idly sits on the shelf. And if we think about it, photography can be a refreshing pastime that can refresh the mind for optimal use during work hours. But how can we get ourselves out of this photography rut? Well here are several things you can try:

Combine photography with your newest hobby.
If you’re enamored with a new hobby, like cycling for example, why not try to combine the two? Bring your camera and lens that you feel wouldn’t burden you and explore with your bike. When you find interesting objects, photograph.

Cycling and Photography
Cycling and Photography

Join a photography community
Photographing solo, for some people, maybe more fun than hunting photographs in groups. But what’s the harm in trying to occasionally join a group event? Come along and enjoy the new atmosphere. Share tips and tricks or comment on each other’s photos (constructively). These are often powerful ways to rediscover the joy of photography.

Look around us
The mindset that interesting objects need to be sought is sometimes misleading. What is around us (wherever we may be at that point in time) can turn out to be interesting objects; we’ve just often overlooked them. Simple objects at home, as long as our creativity works its magic, can make for a great photograph. Why not try taking photos of your computer keyboard? Or try to photograph your dinner menu?
Visit photo exhibitions (observe the work of professionals)
Seeing professional work may sprout new inspirations. Visit photo exhibitions in your area and observe their work. If photo exhibitions are rare in your area or you feel are too pricey, did you know that photos on billboards, photography websites, and magazines or book covers are a collection of professional photography?

Photographing object around us
Photographing object around us

Purchase new equipment
Sometimes boredom can arise because we grow tired of the tools we’ve been using. Or we may feel that our skills aren’t improving with just the tools that you own. There’s nothing wrong in adding to your collection of your photography tools. By adding tools, you’re able to further explore and obtain different photography results than before.

New  Photography Gear
New Photography Gear

Don’t think too much about it
Sometimes we are often overwhelmed by the thought of always having to find interesting photo objects, always having to try certain techniques, preciseness in exposure, and this and that. Why should you? You shouldn’t burden yourself with all these “have to”. Creativity usually flows better when we open the faucet without any restrictions. Aim your lens, shoot what you want to shoot, and let the rest be as they may.

Reduce digital photo editing
Wanting to achieve a certain effect, sometimes we spend most of our time in front of the computer. It seems unfair if we’re shooting for 1 hour and spends time editing them in Photoshop for 3 hours. Try to reverse the proportions: spend more time photographing, and minimize Photoshop touchups. Too much hangout out in front of the computer will bore us and will drain us of inspiration.

What are you waiting for? Go out into the world, and start photographing! And always, have fun!

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