Must-Have Accessories for your Camera

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Must-Have Accessories for your Camera
Must-Have Accessories for your Camera

A camera is a vehicle for safekeeping your memories and your artistic visions. And like any vehicle, it needs to be equipped with various accessories to enhance its ability or just to maintain its durability. It’s advisable that when we are to buy a camera, we also allocate sufficient funds to buy the most necessary accessory.

Here is a list of what I believe are must-have accessories for your camera and should therefore be prioritized when purchasing:

Memory Cards: Nowadays memory card prices are becoming increasingly cheaper, so there really is no reason to rely solely on your camera’s internal memory storage. Choose, at the least, memory cards that accommodate the performance of your camera. For instance, if your camera is equipped with the HD video feature, then it’s better to use high speed memory cards; SDHC, SDXC, and CFs with speeds of 30MB/s or higher.

LCD protectors/ anti-scratch strips: fit with the size of your camera’s LCD. This is a cheap investment that will deem itself very useful.

Backup Batteries: If your camera or flash units use AA batteries, provide a set of spare rechargeable batteries along with the charger unit.

UV Filters: Protects the elements on the front of your lens from direct stains and scratches. Choose a filter diameter that matches that of your lens’ diameter. Buy ones with multi-coated layers to reduce lens flares.

Camera Cases/ Bags: Though it may not seem absolutely necessary, a right sized camera bag can ease the mobility of your camera during travels.

Silica Gels: To prevent dampness and mildew, prepare silica gel packets that can be kept in a dry box, armoire, or your camera bag.

Dust Blower: blow into the sides of the lens, sensor, and camera body using the dust blower to eliminate any dust that may stick to your equipment. This is most important if you frequently change lenses (on DSLRs).

There are also great-to-have accessories that can be postponed when making your purchase;considering their relatively high prices. Some of these include:

Tripods: It’s best if you consider a tripod a mandatory accessory considering its usefulness in shooting, especially in low light conditions.

External Flash Units: This is a must-have because the internal flash of the camera has very limited power.

Underwater Casings: So that your camera can be used when diving up to a certain depth.

Battery Grips (DSLRs):These add power and flexibility when shooting vertically, and there’s also a slot for extra battery units.

Wide/Tele Conversion Lenses (non DSLRs): alters the focal lens on non-DSLR camerasto make it wider or more telephotographic.

Filters that will affect the resulting photographs: NDs, CPLs, close up filters, IRs, etc.

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