Tips in Choosing Photographic Equipment

Tips in Choosing Photographic Equipment
Tips in Choosing Photographic Equipment

Unsure in choosing the right photographic equipment like the camera, lens, and so forth? You’re not alone. There are so many choices in the market today, it’s confusing just trying to buy a camera alone. Choosing a brand of camera is not enough, because there are many models to choose from each brand. For example, there are now no less than a dozen models of Canon pocket cameras, not to mention the cameras from previous years.

So is there any effective ways that can help us in choosing the tools we want? Unfortunately, even I don’t have any way of telling. But I do have a bit of guidelines in purchasing that I got from my days in college and personal experience.

There are three main ways:
1. Create boundaries
2. Determine the best value
3. Ask the experts

First thing to do is to define the limits. Every time we set boundaries, we automatically narrow our options in getting closer to our choice. My favorite limit is limiting the price or how much money we’ve allocated for the purchase of the photography equipment. Next is the camera features we want (it may be a camera that can fit into your pocket so DSLRs do not meet this criteria). Other popular features, especially for DSLRs, are the availability of the video feature, weather-resistant camera body, and the speed and accuracy of auto focus.

If you are new to the world of photography and unsure about setting boundaries, there is a quick way; namely by way of the best value in each category. Usually, cameras are divided into the beginner, intermediate, and advanced categories. To determine the best value is to compare the features of the camera on paper. For instance: 18 MP is better than 12 MP, and 51-point auto focus is better than 9-point, and so on. Usually, the data for comparisons for each model of each brand of camera can easily be obtained from the Internet or from magazines.

If you’ve found it frustrating to make your own decision, you could try asking the experts. People who are experts certainly are people who are experienced in the field of photography. But be careful in choosing the experts you can trust.

Avoid “experts” who are:
– Photographers or friends who use or have only used one brand of photographic equipment.
– Camera sellers who will promote the merchandise that will profit them more.

Find experts who are honest about the advantages and disadvantages of photographic equipment, especially those who’ve personally used those various devices.
In the end, if you feel that you have made the wrong decision in buying a certain type of camera, don’t be disappointed. The important thing is to learn from those mistakes. Write down the advantages and disadvantages of your purchased equipment for future reference.

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