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What Photographers should Know: Focal Plane Mark

Posted by oneslidephotogaraphy On June - 27 - 2017

Focal Plane Mark

Focal Plane Mark

Do you own an SLR or DLSR camera? Try and pay attention to the top part of the camera. Find the Greek letter Phi a circle divided in half by a long line mark that’s usually placed not far from the view finder. Maybe this feature is familiar to those who’ve been into photography for a long period of time, but for those starting out, do you know what the symbol mean?

This mark is the focal plane mark. A mark signifying the placement of the camera’s sensor or negative film that’s been inserted in the camera body. Not many really know the function of this focal plane mark, when in fact his feature is intended for photographing macro objects. Sometimes when photographing in macro, photographers want to find out the accurate distance between the object and the camera’s focal plane. And that’s where the focal plane mark comes into play.

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