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Posted by oneslidephotogaraphy On September - 25 - 2022

World of Digital Photography

World of Digital Photography

Digital photography continues to escalate in popularity in line with the changing times. There is now a new model of cameras, accessories coming out in the market every single month. So why is the development so rapid? One of the answers would be the fact that digital photography is simple. If you purchase a digital camera today, you’ll be able to photograph, edit, print, and upload the results easily.
So behind the simplicity of the digital photography era, what are the challenges of working with digital photography? Here’s a little bit of a review:

1.Digital Garbage

Digital Junk

Digital Junk

How many photo frames do you end up with each time you photograph? 100, 500, or more than 1000 frames? From all those shots, how many do you actually use? Less than 30%?
Digital photography has given rise to the phenomenon of photographers (especially amateurs) photographing profusely without much thought. Thousands of unused photo files will be digital garbage and will end up as useless content in the storage space.
To avoid excess clutter, think before you photograph.

2.Media Storage

Digital Photography Storage

Digital Photography Storage

Most photographers now prefer to store photos on hard drives or other digital storage devices. The reason is simple; the file will then be safe from any physical damage physical photographs would endure. But based on my personal experience, digital storage devices have far higher risks than keeping prints. Why? Because these devices can get damaged, which will then jeopardize the safety of your digital files stored within them. You can accidentally drop them, or step on them. Same goes with CDs or DVDs, these can get easily scratched. Maybe a safer alternative would be to store them in an image hosting site on the internet, but are you sure your photos will be 100% safe from piracy? Your photos will be an easy target for those looking for free photographs on the internet.

3.Competition in Commercial Photography

Photography Competition

Photography Competition

S p o n s o r e d L i n k s

No one said it was easy to start a photography business these days. With the advancement of technology, digital cameras are now become extremely cheaper. Also everyone owns a digital camera, even if it’s just one attached to their mobile phones. This of course has an impact on the photography business. People sometimes would rather shoot photos themselves rather than hire a professional photographer. And also, the ease of obtaining a DSLR camera contributes to the rise of amateur photographers that also offers their services for a drastically cheaper price. This of course ruins the price curve of professional photography services. This is why now, more than ever, professional photographers has to think up ways to draw in customers. Mainly, this can be achieved by maintaining quality.

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