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Posted by oneslidephotogaraphy On December - 24 - 2019
Orbs Photography

Orbs Photography

There is a friend of mine who once told me a story “yesterday, I went to an old house which is said to be haunted. Did you know what happened when I was taking a picture in an empty room? There were some mysterious circular lights and I am quite sure that at the moment, there were nothing there. I was convinced that those were ghosts’ appearances. Did you think I would believe it? Huffs…of course not, Orbs phenomenon can be explained easily according to the theory of photography. Here’s the explanation.

Orbs or circular particles are appearances of objects, usually white in color or other color spectrums appearing because of the reflection of the camera. Orbs usually occur in dark and light conditions in flash photography. Orbs appear when a strong flash illuminates small reflective objects such as dust, moist, small insects, etc.

Orbs usually appear more in compact camera where the distance between the installed flash and the lens is very close, so the reflection of the flash light is directly captured and yields some orbs in the image. Apart from that, orbs also occur when the sensor camera is broken.

Why do orbs appear in circular shapes?
It is indeed because of “bokeh”. If the cameras capture bright or reflective objects when the out focus is on position, it will form circular particles which are in photography called “Bokeh”.



Chromatic aberration

Chromatic aberration

Why do they appear in various colors sometimes?
Simple, it is because of the chromatic aberration of the lens. Lenses with low optical quality tend to result photos with chromatic aberration in higher level on bright photo objects.

Orbs are usually associated with ghost appearances because they are usually seen when you take pictures in dark places or conditions. In dark places, the reflection of light from dust or insects can be seen more clearly. In old buildings which are no longer dwelled, the time we take some pictures making use of flash, you will definitely find numerous orbs. It is pretty obvious, because there is a lot of dust down there. Or when we are taking some snap shots in the forest, or cemetery at night, you will see some appearing orbs. Indeed, it is very natural since there are moist or small insects exposed to the flash.

So, you do not have to believe people who say that orbs are actually ghosts or some supernatural phenomena.

Orbs captured in photograph

Orbs captured in photograph

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