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Tips on Toy Photography (Action Figure)

Posted by oneslidephotogaraphy On January - 25 - 2016
Toy Photography

Toy Photography

To take images of toys can be a very enjoyable experience. You can learn so many things while doing it as if you can control everything. You are not required to master the art of composition and lighting and you may also learn several skills on showcasing and telling stories. You do not need to have sophisticated tools and equipments to get good results. You can make miracle with the use of light from simple materials and target point camera that sets macro mode. All completely depend on your imagination and of course the model that you are going to take. What you need to do is to take a toy, a camera and then just have fun. The followings are some beneficial tips that can help you starting this toy photography.

Particles of dust on the hands and feet of your model may escape your eyes but after it gets photographed, you will notice them clearly from the screen of your computer and it will certainly ruin the beauty of it. So before you start the shoot, make sure to clean them well and erase some spots on them if there is any. Check again to be rest assured there is no dust left then shoot in clean environment so there will be no dust that can get onto it during the process of the shoot. You can always get rid of unwanted elements in the next process. However, you should not bother about it when you can actually avoid it.

S p o n s o r e d L i n k s

When you shot smaller objects, it will be better and interesting to make it look like in the size of human and make it appear bigger than its actual size. To get this kind of effect, you can use simple technique of approaching the object as close as possible until it fills the photo frame or you may take the image in a low angle technique. You can also place the figure in a miniature model of a building or a doll’s house.

Be a director. Create poses for your toys and make a sort of scene out of them. Toy photography will look more interesting when there is a fun story involved instead of just a toys’ image that stay still and do nothing. Develop your creative ideas by watching movies a lot and pay attention to some interesting scenes that you can imitate or copy.

Stormtrooper photography

Stormtrooper photography

You can create impression like these toys are alive. Make some scenes for them and treat them like human. Make them appear like dancing, watching TV or like they are having a date.

In toy photography, lighting is an integral part which is not to be forgotten since it can make the toys look more dimensional. It is the job of the photographer to make them look alive. To shoot toys is actually the same as to shoot human models. We really need to pay attention to the lighting to get dramatic effects. The only difference with the human models is the fact that we do not need to use heavy and complicated lighting equipments. We can use study lamp or flashlight instead but with the same concept as the one used in studio lighting.

I always take my storm trooper toys whenever I go. You will never know what you will find in your journeys so it will be a good idea to take your small toys with you all the time for every opportunity that may occur. Pay attention to unique and interesting settings and lighting that you meet during your travels and take them to your table work, school and etc. those places can give you full potential to tell your stories.

Do not limit yourself with a guidance of what you have known before and never stop yourself from following ideas that seems stupid in the beginning. If those ideas do not work, you will be a masterpiece eventually by trying a lot. Since there are so many toys photographers out there, only ones that come with new concepts and ideas will get the attention.

Toy Photography Tips

Toy Photography Tips

Action Figure Photo

Action Figure Photo

Action Figure Photography Tips

Action Figure Photography Tips

Toy Photography Ideas

Toy Photography Ideas

These are some examples of toy photography from Maulana Photography

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