Tips on How to Avoid Camera Theft during Travels

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How to Avoid Camera Theft
How to Avoid Camera Theft

Travelling won’t feel complete without including your trusty camera in your packing. However, the value (both in the price tag and sentimental value) you carry along when you bring your camera means you’ll need to an extra dose of vigilance when bringing them along. Don’t let your guards down just because you’re too absorbed with your travel, making your camera vulnerable to theft.

The following are a few tips you should take note of to avoid any worst-case scenarios from happening when you’re travelling:

1. Don’t ever leave your camera unattended inside the hotel. Even if you stay at a luxurious hotel with a high level of security, you should never take the risk.

2. If needed, and if you feel that the gear you’ve brought is quite pricey, you should notify the hotel of the pricey goods you’ve brought (in writing) during check in. This can be useful in case of any theft, as a measure to strengthen evidence.

3. Always record the serial numbers of your camera/ lenses that you’re bringing along, and keep this record secure. These notes will deem itself useful when tracking any missing objects, like tracking them in online stores.

4. If for any reason you have no other choice but to leave your gear in your hotel room, keep it locked inside the safety box provided by the hotel. Avoid leaving them in a bag, even if the bag is locked.

5. Try to bring a low-profile bag (not too flash). Any suspecting thieves can now usually tell if the bag you’re carrying is a camera bag or not. At least by not using a bag specially made for cameras, you’re less of a target.

6. If you’ve brought along a significant number of gears, bring only the necessary camera and lens. Keep the rest inside your bag or safely inside a safety box. Don’t forget to install anti-theft measure on your bag, even if you’re inside your room.

Anti Theft Bag
Anti Theft Bag

7. Extra tip: Always receive guests in the hotel lobby and not in your room, especially if you are not too familiar or it’s your first time meeting your guest. Crime isn’t only a product of intention, but also opportunity.

Those are all the tips I have for a more secure trip. If anyone has anymore helpful tips, please feel free to comment below.

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