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“Lux Nikon Kit”, The 24K Gold Plated Nikon Df Camera

Posted by oneslidephotogaraphy On October - 4 - 2022
Golden Nikon Df

Golden Nikon Df

BRIKK is known for its unlimited and excessive creativity which can goes beyond everyone’s expectation. They always make a collaboration that make people amazed and in awe such as by plating the Apple logo with diamond and gold on iPhone 6.

This time, BRIKK is in collaboration with Nikon to plate one of its camera products with gold. Pure gold weighing 24K covers some parts of the camera body adorned with black leather to make it appear elegant and riveting.

BRIKK is a brand company of luxurious products that recently launches a camera set called “Lux Nikon Kit”. The set is sold for $41.395 and there are only 77 units available for this limited edition.

Nikon Df in Gold

Nikon Df in Gold

Brikk Gold Nikon Df Case

Brikk Gold Nikon Df Case

This set includes a body of Nikon DF camera finished in pure 24K gold, a Lux Nikkor 14-24 F/2. 8 with lens cap and hood finished in pure gold as well. BRIKK also gives a hard case which is specially made of Zero Halliburton gold.

So, what is the strength of this gold finished Nikon DF compared to the standard version of Nikon DF?
Apart from the body which is made of gold, there is nothing special about this edition. The BRIKK Lux Nikon looks and functions as the same as the standard one. This digital camera has a LCD screen of 3.2 inch in its back side and CMOS sensor in FX 16.2 inch format. The non-gold parts including the grip zoom and focus ring as well as the upper flash are covered in black leather.

According to the BRIKK CEO himself, Cyrus Blacksmith, the making of this camera is inspired from a Nikon FM with a body made of gold which was launched in 1977. Blacksmith actually hoped that Nikon would make the gold version of DF. However, since they did not plan to do it, he decided to make it himself.

Golden Nikon FM

Golden Nikon FM

This Lux Nikon Kit adds to the line of other Lux products made by BRIKK which are finished with gold. Previously, BRIKK has made the gold versions of iPhone and several other smart phones.

All gold used in this kit have a 24K certificate with them and one who can pay for more than $41.000 will get a one year limited warranty from BRIKK. Moreover, the customer will be more than happy to find out that there is a charity included in a certain nominal if you buy the camera to help people in need through selected social foundation.

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