Common Mistakes in Cleaning a Camera or Lens

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Wrong way to cleaning a camera
Wrong way to cleaning a camera

A camera is, of course, an essential asset to a photographer. To protect said asset, regular maintenance is necessary. But there are many novice photographers who does the opposite in the name of maintenance. Instead of keeping it at tip top shape, they end up unknowingly damage their valuable camera. What are the do’s and don’ts of cleaning your camera and lenses? Here are some tips and tricks:

Always use a blower first to clean the surfaces of your lens before you wipe or scrub them. This is so its surface will be clean of any dust. If you directly wipe your lenses without using a blower first, the dust particles may end up scratching the lens when you wipe it.

2.Lens Cleaner Solution
Use only solutions especially made for cleaning lenses. Don’t clean your lens with any random chemical solution you can find, like a 70% alcohol solution or chemical fluids made for something else. Doing so may end up damaging your lens’ coating. If you don’t have the specialized solution, pure water will do.

3.Blowing into the Camera with your mouth
Many novice photographers clean the interior of their camera by blowing into it with their mouth. This is a fatal mistake because human breath is damp; which may cause rust to form inside the camera. Worst, blowing into it means there’s a good chance you’ll spray spit into the interior that may stick to sensors or mirrors that will dry up as specks.

4.Cleaning the interior of the camera using a cotton ball
Don’t ever clean the inside of the camera with a cotton ball or cotton piece. Cotton fibers easily fall off and will dirty your camera’s interor. Use tissues especially made for lens/camera cleaning.

5.Cleaning the Focusing Screen
The focusing screen of a camera is a component in the camera’s interior that can be easily scratched. Use a blower to clean this area and don’t wipe its surface. Many that clean the focusing screen end up wiping it and scratching its surface. Sure, a scratch on the focusing screen doesn’t affect picture quality, but it’ll be quite an annoyance when you’re trying to target objects on your camera’s view finder.

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Cleaning dslr camera lens
Cleaning dslr camera lens

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