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Interesting Facts of Selfie Stick You Need to Know

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Selfie time
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Who does not know SELFIE stick? Almost all photographers know or even have and use this photography accessory. This is a stick like monopod that can be extended or folded with a special sitting on it where you can attach your Smartphone or pocket camera. Apart from that, there are some of them that feature wireless shutter remote. Its main advantage is to let us take our images independently without any help from other people. The following are the unique facts of SELFIE stick that you need to know.

1. In 1983, a founder from Japanese called Hiroshi Ueda created a prototype that had the same function as today’s SELFIE stick. He who worked as a photographer and photo technician in a camera company called Minolta confessed that he got the idea after facing a difficulty when he took images of himself and his wife in one frame. Unfortunately, even though his invention was patented in 1983, the stick which is called “extender stick” failed to obtain success at that time. The blame was not on the design of the stick but on the fact that the technology of that era was not advanced yet and not as compact as we are now. His patent time was expired in 2003 and he never got any advantage from it at all.

2. A photo taken by this couple in 1926 shows Arnold and Helen Hogg used a stick to take their own photo on the street near their house at Rugby, Warwickshire, England. There are some written words on the photo “Self -Taken, October 1926” which becomes the proof that they had used SELFIE stick to shoot themselves long before the popular phenomenon of this year that happened among celebrities begins.

3. In 1995, SELFIE stick found its way to get into the book entitled “101 Japanese Un-useless Invention of the year”. On its page’s elaboration, this stick is considered useful especially for people who like to travel alone or with their couple and they would like to immortalize their moments on pictures independently. We can see that what is written there is basically the same as the SELFIE stick phenomenon today. The only difference is the fact that in those days there were no automatic or digital cameras. Analog cameras need to find the focus first in order to take good photos and back then timer system is not so practical. This was one of the reasons why SELFIE stick was deemed useless because at that time people found it pretty complicated so that it was included to the list of 101 Japanese Un-Useless Invention book.

4. In 2011, SELFIE stick started to make its appearance in United States. Only, that time its use was not so popular and was considered ridiculous. If you are a diligent internet browser, you will find some funny memes and jokes that mock this stick. Commonly people called this stick as a “forever alone” SELFIE.

Awkward Selfie Stick
Awkward Selfie Stick

If you like to travel a lot, you need to write down the following list of places because the organizers there ban the use of SELFIE stick.

–Smithsonian Museum in United States
–Versailles palace in France.
–Louvre and Pompidou Museums
–Metropolitan Art Museum New York
–Modern Art Museum New York
–Hermitage Museum Netherlands
– Museum of Modern Art, New York City, New York, AS
– National Portrait Gallery, Canberra, Australia
–London national gallery
– Art Gallery of Ontario, Canada
– New York’s Cooper Hewitt in the US
– Smithsonian Design Museum in Washington, D.C., AS
– Seattle Art Museum, Seattle, Washington D.C., AS
– Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts in the US
– Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City, New York, AS
– DC’s National Gallery of Art and the Getty Center in Los Angeles
– Trafalgar Square and the central of London city.
– Wimbledon tennis championship
– Wembley Arena London
– Music buildings in London like O2, O2 arena, O2 Academy Brixton and SSE Wembley Arena
–Music Zouk Out Festival, Singapura
– Ultra Music Festival, Miami, Florida, AS
–Tahoe Lake in California AS is a place to see the life of bears closely. Now they do not give permission for travelers to take SELFIES with animals there especially the bears. The reason is because the behavior of the bears is unpredictable and the act of taking a SELFIE might disturb them.
– Some particular places in New York such as zoos.
–Bulls festival in Spain which is the Pamplona festival.
–La Garoupe beach in Antibes, France.
The use of SELFIE stick is banned because the organizers want the visitors to focus enjoying the beauty of the beach and not spending most of their time to boast to their family and friends by taking pictures.

Some museums state that the reason of the ban is because the number of visitors that can make the place quite crowded and it is intended mainly to protect and guard the art items inside the museum as well as to keep the other visitors’ convenience.
On the other hand, some places also ban the use of SELFIE stick yet they still allow the visitors to take their SELFIE. Apart from this stick, some places also ban the use of tripod.

5. If you got to South Korea, you have to use a certified SELFIE stick. The reason is because they claim that the use of this stick can disturb the signal which affects the police radio or even plane. If you use it illegally then you may get charged for thousands US dollars or even get jailed.

6. Two artists called Aric Snee and Justin Crowe create a SELFIE stick with which the users can pretend to take images with their couple while linking their hands to each other. It can be done since the stick features fake hands on it.

Unique Selfie Stick
Unique Selfie Stick

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