The Evidence That Selfie Stick Was Already Used Since 1926

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Arnold and Helen Hogg selfie
Arnold and Helen Hogg selfie

Hiroshi Ueda, this Japanese man is often mentioned as the first ever founder of SELFIE stick. However, the following old picture will show you that it is in fact not a new invention because it has been used since 90 years ago, long before digital camera or other Smartphone cameras were even found.

A picture taken by a couple in 1926 shows Arnold and Helen Hogg are using a stick to take a picture of themselves on the street near their abode in Rugby, Warwickshire, England exactly a year after their marriage.

there are some words written on the picture “self-taken, Oct 1926’” which is a clear proof that those people used SELFIE stick to take their own image long before the popular phenomenon of the year that happen among celebrities.

This image is only two inch in size and it is found in a family album of Alan Cleaver, Hogg’s grandson that lives in Whitehaven, Cambria. It shows the SELFIE stick which is clearly held by Hogg. Cleaver stated “in our family this is the most favorite memorial photo and in fact, there are so many memories in it that can redeem our longing for our grandfather”.

“My grandfather did not take many images in his life but he started to be really into photo taking after he got married in 1920. We have several albums that compile family photos but some of them are quite boding to see until we found this photo at the very last page of the album.

“He clearly wanted to try something new” add him.
“Unfortunately, we think this is the only picture he took while using a SELFIE stick and it is the one that found decent enough to include the picture in the album”

Cleaver said that his grandfather was an entertainer and a musician but he confessed that he never witnessed him using a “SELFIE stick”.

Actually, it is not known how exactly Arnold used the stick and what kind of camera he had at that time. Was the camera tied on the stick? Or was it used as the shutter presser, or whether there was another unknown way. Cleaver adds “I don’t really know what really happened or why he chose a wooden stick. Her wife, Helen, in the photo looked a bit confused”

Today, SELFIE stick features a button on its handle to press the shutter on the Smartphone. This stick is actually similar to a monopod which is used for digital camera or DSLR but it is specially made for Smartphone or mini camera (goPro for example).

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