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Posted by oneslidephotogaraphy On April - 3 - 2022
Travelling photography tips for beginners

Travelling photography tips for beginners

At times, you may find that your friends’ collection of travelling photos look strikingly similar to ones on postcards which can be easily brought in airports when they come back home. This is a common thing since while holidaying; they usually try to take images or photos of iconic places where they actually go.

What is the most impressive thing from a travelling? Is it the food, the building, the traditional attire, transportation, or the uniqueness of local people’s customs? Yup, travelling is indeed a very fun activity even when you just recall the memory from the images of your journey compiled in your photo album.

You need to think “beyond the postcards” when you enjoy your next vacation or travelling and try to create iconic photos, stories, and memories of yourself. Here we are with some tips on photography which can assist you to do it right.

S p o n s o r e d L i n k s

1. Look for as much information as possible regarding the places you plan to go. By doing so, you will get some hints or depiction of what kinds of objects available for you to shoot there and which camera accessories you will need to take with you.

2. Bring as few accessories as possible. You can have one camera and one lens with you because the possibility of losing great moments while changing your lenses will make you really regret it.

3. You can add some directions or signs on your photos like names and price tags of fruits and vegetables in a traditional market written in local language, shops’ banners which are written creatively and uniquely, local newspaper’s box, or some direction signs on roads which will make your images look more real and alive.

4. You can make a series of story using several frames. Start it by taking some images of market or antique shops in wide angle, and then take close up images of some items there, people who make transaction, laughing kids, or a smoking old man. Those scenes will make great travelling photos which are more alive and memorable.

Portrait Travelling Photography

Portrait Travelling Photography

Traditional Market

Traditional Market

Involve some local people in your frames. Try to take images which have them onboard instead of getting some tourists who also enjoy their vacation there. Local citizens who sell flowers in traditional market, some farmers who plough their land, kids on traditional attires, or children who happily play around are interesting objects. Some interesting things will definitely happen and they will make a gripping story on your frames. And remember one thing; human elements can really add attraction on your photos.

Local Farmer

Local Farmer

5. Avoid taking pictures with your family lining stiffly and boringly in front of great scenery. Instead, you can take their photos while having some feast from a road vendors or your wife having a soccer match with local boys. Those images will leave lasting memories and different feeling.

Playing at the Beach

Playing at the Beach

6. Accustom yourself with food photography in local restaurants. Book a table by the window in that restaurant, turn off the flash of your camera, and the take some images of local foods there, and enjoy the delicacies after that.

7. Never take pictures which are similar to ones on postcards. When you go to famous tourism attractions like Eiffel tower, try to take some shots from different angles and perspectives. For example, you can shoot it using fisheye lens instead. In addition, you can shoot the tower from a reflection coming out from glass or water. Try to be more creative and tell your own story. Taking textured photos will give different colors from those places.

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