7 Tips for Photojournalism from Reuters Photographer Damir Sagolj

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Damir Sagolj - Photojourlaism Tips
Damir Sagolj – Photojourlaism Tips

Damir Sagolj is a Reuters photographer from Sarajevo based in Thailand. In the following video, he shares 7 tips regarding photojournalism.

Here are the 7 photojournalism tips as discussed by Damir in the above video:

1. Anticipation
You must always anticipate the coming of that important, picture perfect moment. How? When on location, don’t just sit idly by. Photograph often and familiarize yourself with your camera settings so when that golden moment comes, you can take a shot without any second thoughts.

2. Research and Exploration
When placed in a new location, you need to research in detail about the location; its people, traditions, and stories of the place. It’s best to research long before your trip date.

3. Befriend
Wherever you’re shooting, finding connections and friends is vital in helping you solve any problems you may encounter along the way. You may, for instance, need an informant or a translator in places of foreign languages. You won’t know when you’ll need them, but you’ll definitely need them.

4. Set your Priorities
In covering a story, you’ll have to set your priorities and focus on the highest priorities you’ve set for yourself. It’s impossible to do everything and pay attention to everything all at once. If you’re working in a team, divide the work and focus on each assigned task.

5. Practice Often
You have to have a clear understanding of the inner workings of the camera and other photographic equipment. Whatever you have with you, fully understand the use and how to maximize its use quickly and efficiently, so when those important moments come your way, utilizing and setting your camera will be second-nature to you.

6. Interact
Joining other photographers will give you more insight, information, and knowledge.

7. Be Invisible when Photographing People
Be subtle and quick when taking photographs. When photographing people, try to blend in with the environment. Wear clothes that appropriate with the culture to further blend in. Be careful not to disturb people’s privacy when shooting photos and you’ll be able to capture the most natural expressions.

You can see the Damir Sagolj’s work via his blog.

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