Tips in Photographing Faces with “Unflattering” Features

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Tips in Photographing Faces with “unflattering” Features
Tips in Photographing Faces with “unflattering” Features

There come times when we are asked to photograph friends and passersby, and they may have a distinct “unflattering” features about them (this may be in the form of a flat nose, chubby cheeks, oversized ears, and so on). We may be doing them a favor and may even make their day if we shoot them in a flattering angle to accommodate these features.
In order to be accommodating, we could try a few photography tricks in dealing with these characteristics so as to ensure that these pictures keeps them looking top-notch and do them proud. The following techniques are easy-to-do tricks you can execute to lessen the “unflattering”-ness these characteristics may exude.

1. If your subject is bald or has unflattering hairlines, you can try photographing from a low angle (camera tilted upwards as you shoot). Also, if extra lightings are used, make sure that little to no light source is reflected off the top of the head.

2. For exceeding wrinkles you may want to tone down, use a frontal light source instead of a sidelight. Light coming from the sides will accentuate the textures of said wrinkles. Or if these wrinkles are something you would like to emphasize, do use sidelights for a more dramatic effect.

3. If your subject has oversized ears, position them in a pose where only one ear is visible to the camera and position the face so the visible ear isn’t the center of attention.

4. For subjects with rather flat nose, photograph the person with their face facing directly into the camera.

5. In photographing people with double chins, position them to face directly into the camera. Also, to lessen the distinctness of their double chin, pose their head to tilt slightly forward. You could also try photographing them with their bodies turned to their side and their head facing the camera. Their head turning to one side will stretch the skin of their chins, which also lessens the distinctness of their double chin.

6. For subjects with rather chubby cheeks, compose them to pose with their heads turning slightly to the side. Just slightly though, not a full 90 degree turn of the neck.

Those are a few tricks you can try the next time you photograph your friends, family, and friendly strangers. Try these simple poses, and see the difference it will make. Your photos will surely make an impression and will most likely end up proudly posted as their profile pictures of their various networking websites.

Happy shooting!

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