Tips for Photographing Stunning Sunrise

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Photographing Stunning Sunrise - Gorgeous Sunrise
Photographing Stunning Sunrise - Gorgeous Sunrise

If you’ve ever fancied trying your hand at sunrise photography then I’ve put together a few hints and tips that you may find useful.
To take sunrise pictures, preferably you should have the following minimum photographic equipment:

* A decent camera
* A tripod, or steady place to rest your camera
* PLUS: Some photography experience – though time will provide this.
* A keen eye for a picture – again practice will improve this.
* A certain amount of luck.
* And not least of all, a lot of patience!

Here are some tips of how to take a stunning sunrise photography.

1. Know where the sun rises before you go out taking photographs. Once the sun starts to rise, you won’t want to waist any time repositioning your camera gear.

2. Know what time the sun is expected to rise in your particular area. Buying a copy of the local newspaper will tell you this.

3. Use a tripod, because you will need to set slow shutter speeds due to low light conditions. For example, 1/8th of a second or slower depending on the available light.

4. Underexposing your shot will result in richer, deeper colors and shades of reds, oranges and yellows.

5. If you want a small sun in your composition, use a wide angle lens. If you want a larger sun seen within your composition then use a telephoto zoom lens.

Beautiful Sunrise
Beautiful Sunrise

6. For composition purposes, don’t place the sun dead centre in the frame. Try and imagine a grid over your composition, like the one shown in the image below.

If you always ensure the sun’s position is over one of the overlapping areas, you’ll come out a winner every time.

7. Like any landscape, don’t place the horizon dead centre of the frame either. If there is a lot of color and light in the sky, then make sure that area takes up the top 2/3?s of your composition. On the otherhand, if there is a lot of color or reflection in the foreground, then compose your shot so the foreground takes up the bottom 2/3?s of the shot.

8. Take off all filters when photograhing towards the sun. Otherwise you will end up with a ghost image of the sun, which will ruin any sunrise photograph. It’s also important to remember that a polarising filter is only useful in creating a more colorful sky when the sun is to the right or left of your position. Therefore, in the majority of cases, polarising filters should also be removed for sunrise photography.

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