The Strengths of Mirrorless and Dslr Cameras

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Mirrorless vs DSLR Advantages
Mirrorless vs DSLR Advantages

Today, almost all popular brands of camera have launched their products of mirrorless cameras. With more simple body and promising image quality, off course, these cameras draw photographers’ interest to change their DSLR cameras to the mirrorless system.

But, each has their own different characters. We hope this information can help you finding good new digital camera or contemplating to change your camera system.

Some aspects that make me like to use mirrorless camera are:

– It is more practical. I can take more lenses with me and they are less heavy. The overall weight of this camera is 50% lighter than the DSLR camera especially when it is compared to professional DSLR like canon EOS 1D or Nikon D4.

– Because of its small and simple size, this camera is perfect for street photography. Small sized camera is not drawing much attention from people so it will be so effective for candid photography since people will not notice when they are being shot.

– This mirrorless system makes use of live view and electronic view finder. We can see clearly whether the object has fallen to exact focus point. We can also see the exposure, histogram, color or special effects more accurately and clearly. What is seen is what will be obtained or recorder on the camera sensor.

– The adaptability of mirrorless camera is high because we can use our old lens or lens of different brand with the use of adapter. For the manual focus, it is more advanced than DSLR camera because mirrorless camera has focus peaking feature.

Fuji Xe-1 with Canon EF 24-105mm L
Fuji Xe-1 with Canon EF 24-105mm L

– It can focus on every area including outskirt parts of the photo frame very easily. In DSLR camera, the focus points usually get crowded in the middle. The speed of mirrorless camera of the 2014 generation is already very fast.

What make DSLR camera today is more superior to mirrorless camera?

– The view finder of this camera is more effective (clearer, not dazzled, and save battery) when you shoot in either dark or light conditions.

– The body of DSLR camera has bigger impact on the bigger and deeper grip and it is steadier to grab, especially when you use telephoto zoom lens. Although today mirrorless camera provides variety of accessory like battery grip or leather case which I think is very helpful and useful.

– Buttons and tools on DSLR camera are relatively bigger which is easier to find and to press.

– The capacity of battery is higher. One DSLR camera’s battery which is charged full lasts for a day. On the other hand, mirrorless camera needs at least 2-3 batteries.

– The weight of your camera can be useful sometimes especially when it needs to be attached to tripod and the wind is strong. DSLR camera with heavier weight got higher inertia which is wind resistant.

– The ability of focus speed and burst shoot for now is the strength of DSLR professional camera such as EOS 1Dx.

From the experience above, I feel that these two types of camera actually complement each other. There is no one which is superior to another. There is nothing wrong about choosing and picking camera based on its shape and specification following one’s personal preference.

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