20 Interesting Facts in the World Of Photography

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John Herschel
John Herschel

1. The word “photography” was first mentioned by an eminent mathematic and astronomic expert, Sir John Frederick William Herschel in 1839.

2. Leica is identical to Germany but it is actually made in Canada and Portugal as well.

3. Single lens reflex camera (SLR) was first discovered in 1861 by Thomas Sutton – and it was so big in size. A 35 mm SLR camera of “Sport” brand was first developed in 1934 in Russia (back then, Soviet Union). However, it was not in the market before 1937. A Germany-made camera called Kine Exakta was the first one to be sold in the market in 1936. The first Asian-made SLR camera, Asahi flex was in introduced in 1952 by the Asahi Optical company in Japan and which is today known as Pentax.

Kine Exakta
Kine Exakta


4. Around 1888, a man called George Eastman from Rochester, New York stated that he needed a unique name for his developing company. He wanted to have a word started and ended with a letter “K”. After making several combinations, he came up with “Kodak” and chose it.

5. People of 19th century detested being photographed because they are always founds looking so serious in old photos. Actually, they did not. Those photos are called Daguerreotypes and it needs 10 to 20 minutes to expose light to a plat. Imagine if you have to keep smiling for that long.

6. The first pocket camera which is very light and can be carried anywhere is Kodak Brownie. It was first released in 1900 and was cost US$1 which is equal to US$26 today.

Kodak Brownie
Kodak Brownie

7. Camera Obscura, which was used as the prototype of modern camera, is still used till date to produce integration circuit as well as special film camera.

8. The first colored image was taken in 1861 by James Maxwell, an England born physic expert.

9. The first appearance of plat for colored image in 1904 was made by a company called “Lumiere”.

10. The first aerial photo was created by a founder from France called Turnache in 1858. He photographed the city of Paris from an air balloon.

11. A colored photograph in Russia is published in a book called “Memoirs of Russian Technical Society” and Leo Tolstoy is found there in the image.

12. Images were started to be colored using water paint technique for the first time in 1840.

13. The first photograph using electrical light was made in 1879 by Levitsky and it required a 15 seconds exposure.

14. Cassette is one of modern film photography prototype that has 12 sheets of photo-active paper which weighs almost 7 kg.

15. The base of digital camera was found in 1973. It was capable of making a 100×100 pixels image. The first electrical astronomy image was taken using this instrument in the next year.

16. The story of digital camera was started by Mavica camera produced by Sony in 1981. Mavica is a camera that is almost thoroughly SLR with a changeable lens. It also has an image resolution of 570×490 pixels. But then it was considered as a static camera because it only produced motionless image and not video.

Sony Mavica
Sony Mavica

17. The technical term “megapixel was used for the first time in 1984.

18. SLR with its auto-focus was first produced by Polaroid in 1979. And then in 1985, Minolta produced a camera that becomes the standard for any SLR camera.

19. Based on statistic, at this moment, two of ten photos taken with a digital camera are printed on papers.

20. The oldest camera in the world was sold in an auction in Vienna in 2007. The camera called “Daguerrotype Susses Feres” was sold for about US$800.000 and the opening price was US$100.000.

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