Tips: Determining your Pre Wedding Photo Shoot Themes

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How to Determining Your Pre Wedding Photo Shoot Themes
How to Determining Your Pre Wedding Photo Shoot Themes

It’s quite simple to find inspirations for constructing an interesting set of pre wedding photography to display during your wedding reception. Location, atmosphere, and costume can be chosen to support the theme that both of you can relate to. The following are a few guidelines to determining that perfect theme for your special day:

1. Personal Memory Photo Theme
One great idea is to have a photo shoot commemorating a special day in the past that celebrated your love. An easy example would be recreating the day that you guys met. It will surely make for some gorgeous photographs that will always be special for decades to come.

2. Vintage Style
Have the photo shoot in old places; places steeped in history. It’ll make for an extraordinary and interesting background. Have your photoshoot in places like museums, old forts, castles, or interesting old abandoned buildings.

3. Profession Themed
Another interesting theme would be a photoshoot with your professions as a theme. This works perfectly if you both have the same profession and your love bloomed in the work place. This will be both romantic and meaningful. And in years to come, will increase in its nostalgic value.

4. Public Space Themes
You can also up the originality of your photographs by having your photo shoot in public spaces. Have your photo shoot in places like in a terminal of an airport, bus stop, or train station. Draw up a story line to add flavor to your photographs. Be creative!

5. Hobby Theme
Is there a hobby that you both share as interests? If so, why not try to incorporate that mutual hobby in your pre wedding photo shoot. In addition to giving a personal touch to the photos, the photo shoot would definitely be a blast. And when you and your partner are having fun, this translates beautifully into the photographs.

6. Movie Theme
Are you both movie buffs? If so, a movie themed pre wedding photo shoot will be perfect for you. Select costumes that best depict your favorite movies as a couple.

7. Casual Hang Out Theme
Have your photo shoot in a café or restaurant you both frequent. Or better yet, have the photo shoot in your favorite park and make it a picnic! Pick a nice sunny day and your photo shoot can benefit from the abundance of outdoor natural lighting. A fun and relaxed atmosphere translates well in photographs, creating a set of photographs that’ll be easy to enjoy for years to come.

There you are, a few ideas to jumpstart the brainstorming of your perfect pre wedding photo shoot. Make it personal, be creative, and have fun with it!

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