Forever Alone Photograper!

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forever alone photography
forever alone photography

Are you single? Have been a long time with your own? Get envious looking at your friendsí pictures on social media, holding hands, hugging, kissing with their loved ones? If the answer is yes, we are so very sorry for you. But do not let yourself down guys because as photographer we have to be creative just like our friend here. He is a Japanese dude who throws away all the sorrow of all single fellows out there by creating a breakthrough on travelling photos. He created images which show as if he traveled with his girlfriend and the truth is that ís just a mere imaginative object.

Keisuke Jinushi is a traveler from Japan who is still single. One day, he sat in a cafÈ looking at some couples feed each other some food. Suddenly, he felt like wanting to do what they do, but the problem is he got no girlfriend to do so. Giving up? Nope. This traveler who is also a photographer and a writer got a brilliant idea. Instead of mourning over his fate, this guy took some photos pretending like being together with a girl (as if it was his girlfriend). The result was mind blowing. Keisuke really looked like taking photos with a woman. In one of the photos, it shows as if he was being feed by a fair handed girl with red-polished nails. In another photo, there is a woman’s head leaning on his shoulder on a train.

The great part is the fact that all those photos were taken by him himself. The fair hands with red nails were his which were powdered and polished. Then, the leaning long hairy head was actually a wig held by Keisuke’s hand. Wow, forever alone photographer!

The following photo-taking method shows how to make you look like no single guy.

1.The first method, take photos as if you get cozy with your girlfriend on a train, it can actually be done in a bus also.

forever alone photographer - at the bus
forever alone photographer – at the bus

2. The second method, take photos as if you get feed by your pair in a cafÈ.

forever alone photographer - dinner
forever alone photographer – dinner

3. The third method, go on with the second method as if your girlfriend wipes dirt on your lips.

forever alone photographer - at the cafe
forever alone photographer – at the cafe

4. The fourth one, take images as if your pair plays some pranks on you while you are sleeping.

forever alone photographer - girlfriend prank
forever alone photographer – girlfriend prank

Do not forget to try your best to make the pictures look real. Dedication in creating art is a must.

forever alone photographer - totality
forever alone photographer – totality

So, are you interested to try Keisuke’s photo-taking styles? Or, maybe you want to find him a real girlfriend?

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