Professional Cameras and Amateur cameras, what’s the difference?

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Professional Cameras and Amateur cameras
Professional Cameras and Amateur cameras

Recently, someone commented on the photography blog about how a friend chose a used Canon 1D Mark IIn (2005) over a Canon 7D (2009). Their friend’s reason behind this decision is quite simple; because the Canon 1D Mark IIn is classified as a professional camera.

So, what really differentiate a pro camera from a non-pro? In my opinion, there really isn’t a camera clearly classified as pro or amateur. There is however types of cameras classified as beginner cameras, which is identical to its ease of use and it’s relatively smaller and lighter in size. Then there are the more advanced cameras that are more complicated to operate; which has manual function features and has a higher quality body that is heavier in size and is weatherproof.

The “professional” label is more suited to classify the photographers utilizing the cameras. Professional photographers are people whose income they gain from the photography sector. To them, photography is not a mere hobby, but a profession. Because of that, even if this type of photographer uses a beginner DSLR, a pocket camera or a cellphone camera, they are still called professional photographers. Vice versa, even if a person uses an advanced camera, if they only pursue photography as a hobby, then that photographer would be classified as an amateur.

But you also need to be vigilant. If you are going to gain profit using a beginner’s camera, then you will still have to make sure your photographic results satisfy your client. If not, then this will hurt your reputation in the eyes of the client. If this happens, your income in your photography career will deflate. In business, do not hesitate to invest on advanced cameras with a slightly more expensive price tag if you are sure that with those gears you will get the maximal quality in your resulting photos.

Returning to the original question: Was it wise for the friend of the blog reader to choose the older Canon 1D Mark IIn model over the 7D? If viewed from the technological side of the argument, the 1D Mark IIn (being an older model) is obviously more outdated. The 7D trumps the older 1D in almost all aspect of the features, from the camera’s image resolution, auto focus, quality of the LCD screen, to the video features. So, when purchasing a camera, one should not be tempted just because of its “professional” reputation it has gained. The most important thing is to always upgrade your knowledge and experience when it comes to your photography, rather than prioritizing in upgrading your camera model.

Photography is not about the gear it’s about how you use it.

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