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Canon 500D vs Nikon D5000 Which One is BetterCanon 500D vs Nikon D5000 Which One is Better

The launch of the beginner DSLRs like the Canon 500D and the Nikon D5000 at almost the same time may confuse consumers. Besides the titles using the numbers 5 & 0 and the letter D, they both have video recording capabilities and has a similar sticker price. So which of these two is most suitable […]

Tips in Determining the Fee for your Photography ServicesTips in Determining the Fee for your Photography Services

When starting out with your photography business, the most important thing to determine is how much your services will cost your client. There are many factors to think about when determining your price. Here are some factors to consider:

Canon EOS 5D Mark II Pocket GuideCanon EOS 5D Mark II Pocket Guide