Do Not Shoot Before You Read The Following Tips on Photography

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Stormtrooper photographer
Stormtrooper photographer

Learning photography for beginners using DSLR digital camera is a very exciting experience especially for you who just start entering the world of snap shooting or photography. In order to be able to create a phenomenal piece of work, you will need to first understand the basic concept of photography. There are so many things we need to pay attention to when we are about to start painting with lights. Here are some easy and practical tips and tricks to improve your skills in photography.

1. Every digital camera commonly has an online, PDF or perhaps hard copy book guidance. It is better to download the guidance in the form of PDF document on the internet because this kind of camera tutorial is far easier especially when you want to find certain pages that discuss certain things related to your camera instead of reading each page of the book which is far more difficult to find what you are looking for.

2. If you like to shoot very closely, a method which is commonly known as macro system, do not forget to activate live view feature on your DSLR camera because it will be easier for you to check its depth of field and the focus of your digital camera. Apart from that, it is better if you use manual focus instead of using auto focus on your lens.

3. Perhaps, there are so many people who think that the bigger the megapixels of their DSLR camera, the better or the more sophisticated the quality is. However, actually the size of megapixels does not decide the quality of the camera. It is the size of your digital camera which is more important. So do not forget to check how good the sensor of your DSLR camera is.

4. If you want to photograph a face or a portrait outdoors, you can do it when the sky is a bit cloudy. Do not take such images when the weather is too hot and the sun beaming up there. If it is impossible then you should find a shaded place to shoot so you do not expose to the sunlight directly because it will affect the shadow which will appear on the face of your object. But if you cannot help but to do the shoot under the blazing hot sunlight anyway, do not forget to use reflector or fill in flash.

5. If you would like to shoot an object in an area that lacks sunlight or minimum lighting it is better not to use auto focus. You may use manual focus of your digital camera. It needs to be done because commonly when you activate the auto focus of a digital camera, it will take more time to find the focus point in areas with less light or vague.

6. If you are one of the people who love landscape photography, make sure you know exactly when the best moment to capture landscape photos is. You may use your digital camera to shoot around 5 to 8 am or if you prefer to take it in the afternoon, you may do it around 4 to 7 in the evening.

7. If you would like to shoot using the HDR technique, it is better to use auto bracket mode. And one of the most important thing is when you want to make an HDR photo of a superbly cool landscape, you should wait for the right moment or when the sky start to become cloudy because that is the perfect timing to shoot a beautiful, cool and amazing HDR landscape photos.

8. This tip is specially shared to you who plan to buy a second-hand digital camera. It is best to purchase it directly from the seller. It is wiser to meet them face to face so you may check and try it out to see the condition of the item and also the quality of the lens on the spot. It is very important to make sure everything is in good condition. Do not buy a second-hand camera online without checking it first.

9. If you want to take a photo when the sunlight bounces off on the water or glass, do not forget to attach CPL filter or polarization on your lens because it will be very useful to get rid of the sunlight reflection effects emitted on the water or the glass. Apart from that, you may also use this function to fix the effect of blue sky’s color in the photo. Have you ever used a sunglasses and polarizer? The function of the CPL filters works similarly as the sunglasses.

10. The best step to improve your skills in photography is to make sure that wherever you are, always bring your DSLR camera. Even when you cannot carry it with you, make sure you have your pocket or LOMO cameras to capture every moment in front of you. The more often you take snaps the better the quality of the images you take.

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