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Posted by oneslidephotogaraphy On April - 20 - 2020

Super Model Photography

Super Model Photography

Whoever you photograph and when photographing different body types, you’re always demanded to produce a flattering photograph. And nowadays, more than ever, photographing full figured people means you have to make them look slimmer to get the flattering effect.

The following are a few tips to ensure you get that desired flattering angle and exposition when photographing full figured models.

1. Clothing
Choose clothing that is slimming. For that, choose dark colored clothes with vertical patterns and a bit of a loose fit. Bright clothing that is too tight will accentuate the body, making the figure look wider.

2. Model’s Position
Make sure the model’s body doesn’t directly face the lighting. With the model’s body positioned to the side, the model will appear slimmer. Also if the model is seated, make sure the model sits up straight. Otherwise, the stomach creases will make for a less attractive photograph.

3. Lighting
Lighting is a crucial factor in determining the quality of the outcome. With a full figured model, it’s advisable that the lighting doesn’t illuminate every angle of the model. It’d be better if it was a sidelight, casting a shadow on a fraction of the model. It’s also advisable to use a top light because it will cast a shadow below the chin, creating a seemingly slimmer face.

4. Shooting Angle
For further slimming effect, don’t photograph the model at a too low of an angle. When the angle is too low, the model’s face will seem les proportional. The neck will seem bigger and shorter. When photographing a full figured model, it’s best to photograph from a high angle. This ensures a slimmer face, making for a slimmer overall look.

5. Group Photo
When photographing a group, place the full figured model toward the back of the group composition. A proportion of the model will then be covered by the others.

6. Makeup
Make up is also a key factor in slimming the face. The makeup is usually focused around the cheek and chin area with a shading technique to camouflage any chubbiness. If you have little understanding about makeup, assign the task to a professional makeup artist. They will surely know the types of makeup that will suit your model best.

The most important thing when photographing a full figured person is to never insult her/him in any way with any harsh critics of their body types. Always be kind and considerate and appreciate your model’s best efforts to give you the best poses. A good photographer is someone that can always showcase the best aspects of their models in their photographs, however the case may be.

Now here’s s a video by PhotoClassPro, of how (not) to shed those extra body mass during a photoshoot.

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