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Inspiring Story: Rusidah, an Armless Photographer

Posted by oneslidephotogaraphy On January - 15 - 2020

Rusidah an Armless Photographer

Rusidah an Armless Photographer

Seems impossible and improbable for a handicap of the arms region to be a photographer, isn’t it?
A woman named Rusidah has defied the odds and became exactly that.

Rusidah, an Indonesian woman, seems reluctant to discuss her arms. She was born with the handicap, in that she was born without arms. Now she could only think of ways to move her life forward. Having graduated from junior high school, Rusidah who were born into an ordinary family, were instated into a handicap rehabilitation center in Solo, Indonesia. One of her life’s dreams was to become a photographer. And wanting to do just that, but having this very unfortunate disability, she modified her camera to suit her handicap. Read the rest of this entry »


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