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Posted by oneslidephotogaraphy On July - 16 - 2018

Google Glass Photography

Google Glass Photography

Plenty of us are curious about Google’s hot new gadget that is the Google Glass and what features it beholds.
Yes, the Google Glass is not specialized as a photography or camcorder gadget, but it can be deemed an innovation in the world of photography. What’s interesting, this gadget has a camera embedded in the pair of glasses where we can trigger the shutter by literally a blink of the eyes.

But do you know how these smart glasses are used in daily life? Turns out, using the photo and video feature isn’t as easy as we thought; it may even be a bit of a hassle.

A video uploaded by Gogrovo below may shed some light on how much of a hassle it would be to record a music concert, photograph in macro, or creating a video timelapse. It does look silly. For the video, Gogrovo probably wants to send some caution to the public about setting our hopes too high in the performance of the Google Glass for photography purposes, for now.

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